Highline Bears’ Buntly the Bear goes on strike

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The local summer collegiate baseball team, the Highline Bears’ beloved mascot Buntly the Bear has gone on strike. Citing lack of pay, hostile work conditions, unreasonable performance standards and lack of opportunities for practice and playing time on field.

The mascot will be going into his fifth season which opens at Steve Cox Memorial Park on Saturday, June 1. Two weeks ago Buntly had informed the team that he would not be resigning his contract extension under its current terms, which expires May 28, 2019.

Representatives for Buntly the Bear said in a statement:

“Buntly is more than just a mascot, and provides an array of skills to the club.

“He has been treated poorly this past off season by Josh Evans and Justin Moser and has not been shown the respect he deserves.”

The Highline Bears were criticized by some for posting a picture of Buntly on social media wishing him a “happy national pet day” on April 11. Buntly has since blocked Manager Josh Evans on all social media accounts for not giving him an opportunity to play or practice with the team on field.

General Manager Justin Moser was unavailable for comment, but has scheduled a press conference for this Friday at 11 a.m. on Facebook where he will address the strike. The press conference will be not be open to the public and he will not be taking any questions.

For more information on the Highline Bears, visit www.HighlineBears.com.

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