Please take a survey and give feedback for Burien Cultural District

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Organizers behind a Burien Cultural District are seeking the public’s feedback via an online survey.

Arts and culture are vital ingredients for making our community a vibrant place to live and work.

The purpose of the survey is to gather data pertaining to the needs of artists in all fields working or residing in the City of Burien, and gauging interest in the benefits of creating a Cultural District.

Definition of an Arts and Culture District, according to the organization Americans for the Arts:

“Cultural districts are defined as well-recognized, labeled areas of a city in which a high concentration of cultural facilities and programs serve as the main anchor of attraction. They help strengthen local economies, create an enhanced sense of place, and deepen local cultural capacity.”

A list of some of the benefits provided by a Cultural District:

  • The arts foster vibrant communities. When a city infuses planning with the arts a desirable places for people to live, work, and play is created.
  • Artists can help activate other elements of the so-called creative economy, which might include entrepreneurs such as chefs, game designers, fashion designers, publishers, digital media folks, and entertainers and entertainment venues. When the definition is expanded in this way, suddenly economic development professionals and city officials may see that an arts and economic development are compatible topics, even complementary.
  • Businesses source their creativity from innovators and creators. Innovators and creators source their creativity from the arts. Creating a space for the arts and creative activity, a cultural district, will attract larger companies to headquarter in Burien.
  • The arts provide intergenerational shared experiences of learning and exploring, and growing together. A cultural district provides a place for exploration of cultural tradition and individual perspective.
  • Burien’s youth need the arts. The arts ignite young imaginations fostering innovative thinking and boost achievement in academic fundamentals. The arts keep young people engaged in positive activity and out of trouble.
  • The arts support a strong democracy, engaging us in civic dialogue, bridging divides, and showcasing our diversity as our greatest strength.
  • Intrinsic to the arts is the power to connect us, uplift us and help us perceive things in new ways. The Cultural District will bring the community together so that we can learn from each other in a dynamic space.
  • Culturally focused and intentionally designed spaces inspire exploration and foster wellness: physical, mental and emotional health.
  • Burien’s heritage is embodied in the arts. The arts celebrate and preserve community legacies and roots, passing along our unique character and traditions to future generations.

According to Arts WA:

A state-certified Creative District provides a strong base for communities to grow the arts and creative economy. They can grow jobs and provide educational, and cultural opportunities for residents and visitors.

It’s a geographically defined area where art, cultural, social, and economic activity takes place. It includes cultural facilities, artists, creative industries and other businesses that support these activities.

It’s a vehicle to grow jobs and create opportunities in the arts. It can make the most of a community’s arts and cultural heritage. It’s the heart of a community – a focal point for people to gather and enjoy vibrant and vital acitvities. And it showcases the innovation and entrepreneurship Washington is known for.

Take the survey here:

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