Prestigious Youth Playwrights Program to be offered to Highline Drama Students

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The Highline High School Drama department has secured grants and funding to participate in an exclusive Youth Playwrights Program taking place in fall 2019.

Participation is open to all interested students registered for drama classes in September 2019. Incoming students can contact their counselors to obtain adjustments to add drama classes to their class schedule.

The deadline to finish schedule adjustments for this program is May 30, 2019.

The Youth Playwrights Program(YPP) is a presentation of Seattle’s award-winning ACT (A Contemporary Theater) troupe. It instructs students in the art of play wrighting from a professional perspective, with students afforded the opportunity to create their own one act play under the tutelage of ACT professionals. Students may then enter their works for awards consideration, with winners vying to have their play produced and performed by professional actors on the ACT stage. “This is an incredible once in a lifetime opportunity,” states HHS Drama instructor Nichole Wells “I encourage parents and students to contact their counselors right away to secure their place in one of our two drama classes for Fall 2019.”

Readers can learn more about this regional program here:

And read more about how to take part in this program specifically at HHS here:

May 8, 2019

Dear Parents and Colleagues:

Hello! My name is Nichole Wells. I am the Drama teacher at Highline High School. I wanted to share with you an exciting and unique opportunity that is happening at Highline during the 2019-2020 year.

During the fall semester at the new Olympic site, the ACT Theatre is going to be implementing their Youth Playwright Program (YPP) in all Drama classes. This means students will get the opportunity to work with professionals that are active in the world of theatre today. By the end of their residency, students will have written a one act play that will be submitted for a local competition. All winning plays will be produced by the ACT Theatre in the spring of 2020. Students may get a chance to see their show performed on stage!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and space is limited. Let students know if they are interested in being a part of the ACT’s Youth Playwright Program through our drama classes to contact their counselor below and ask to be enrolled in Drama. Counselors are helping students reorganize their schedules. Student counselors are determined by the beginning of their last name.

Student Last Name/Counselor/Phone #:

  • A-E: Amanda Zuber • 206-631-6743
  • F-Lo: Owen Sallee • 206-631-6745
  • Lp-Rh: Jennifer Brown • 206-631-6746
  • Ri-Z: Laura Weist • 206-631-6744

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Nichole Wells
Drama Teacher
Highline High School

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