MISSING: ‘Hopie’ the dog is missing from the Shorewood on the Sound area

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‘Hopie’ the dog escaped from a fenced backyard Tuesday night, June 11 in the Shorewood on the Sound area, and her owners would appreciate hearing from anyone who sees her:

Hopie is 13-years old, weighs about 50 lbs, and is healthy and active.

She escaped by making a hole under our fence.

She did this once about four years ago, and was found at Alki Point, so she can travel a long way. (I reinforced the fence, but clearly not enough.)

She is shy of strangers, but is more likely to respond to an older woman.

She is wearing a collar with license, vaccination, and phone number tags, plus a neckerchief, and is microchipped.

If you’ve seen Hopie, please contact William J. Earl at 650-279-4580.

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