Soap Box Derby, live music & more at Olde Burien Block Party on Saturday, July 20

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Discover Burien’s Olde Burien Block Party will include a Soap Box Derby, live music, beer gardens and more on Saturday, July 20, from Noon – 11 p.m.

This is a FREE outdoor event held on SW 152nd Street between 10th Ave SW and Ambaum Blvd. SW.

This year it’ll include the second annual “Burien SoapBox Derby Races,” an all ages event for businesses, kids, groups and more (click here for the entry form); here’s more info:

This is a gravity-fed race. Your Vehicle cannot move using any mechanical, gas, solar, electrical, sonic, wind (natural or biological), rocket, nuclear, biomass, Flintstone or magical fairy dust power. Adult vehicles must be sturdy enough to withstand speeds over 25 MPH and should be able to steer through the downhill course without flipping over or collapsing. Make it sturdy, people! Low center! Strong parts and construction, and suit up for safety, and NO capes! Please. Protective headgear (bicycle or motorcycle helmet), gloves, elbow pads or a jacket, and goggles or shop glasses MUST be worn by ALL Racers. Absolutely NO exceptions. No opened-toed shoes, such as sandals. Knee pads are encouraged. If you are jettisoned from your vehicle, they will all come in handy. Make sure your helmet is buckled on when you race. Please.

Ensure all your wheels, chassis, decorations and any thing else that could become dangerous projectiles are securely attached to your vehicle! No sharp edges inside or out and no glass. If there are items found to be in question, they must be removed or corrected to meet Race requirements. Up to three Vehicles will be towed up the hill at a time using short cables with loops at both ends. Your cart must have a sturdy hook somewhere on the front center and back for towing purposes, and be sturdy enough to pull up to two carts behind you.

Keep It Creative, Fun & Tasteful

Let’s have some FUN!

We encourage you to be as creative, fun & tasteful as possible when building your cart. Many Racers will come up with a theme for their cart and pit crew, while others just might want a cart built for distance. This is a fun community event so come light-hearted and ready to have a great afternoon! If you have a support team who wants to cheer you on, you should get them to gather in one spot and hold up a sign so other fans can gather.

Please be sure to keep your vehicle’s appearance at a PG13 level, free of profanity or nudity, as there will be impressionable eyes looking on. Any violation to this rule will result in disqualification. Use your noggin and best
judgment here folks!

Event details:

WHEN: Saturday July 20, 2019, Noon – 11 p.m.


Olde Burien
SW 15nd Street and 10th Ave SW
Burien, WA 98166

Sponsorship opportunities are still available – click here for more info!

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