City Holding Open House on North Burien Land Use/Zoning Changes Feb. 29

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City Holding Open House on North Burien Land Use/Zoning Changes Feb. 29
February 29, 2012
February 21, 2012
Hilltop Elementary School
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12250 24th Ave South, Burien, WA, United States

The City of Burien will be holding an Open House on North Burien Land Use/Zoning Changes on Wednesday, Feb. 29, from 5 – 7:30 p.m. at Hillttop Elementary, 12250 24th Ave South.

The city will present its preliminary land use changes to residents and landowners at the hearing.

The purpose of this free open house is to allow the public to ask questions and provide written comments.

Following the open house, the Planning Commission will hold a Public Hearing on March 13, and ultimately make a recommendation to the City Council on land use designations changes.

Here’s more from the city’s website:

The City Council will review the recommendation and make a final decision at the end of 2012, along with other unrelated Comprehensive Plan amendments. The actions regarding North Burien land use designations are taking place in December because, by state law, the City may amend its Comprehensive Plan only once per year.

Plan Concepts:

The plan has several major concepts, summarized as follows:

  • Creation of a sustainable community (a community that is socially, economically, and environmentally healthy)
  • Reinforcing Burien’s small-town character and sustaining the character of existing neighborhoods.
  • Creating a thriving, yet pedestrian friendly downtown.
  • Using design guidelines to create a unifying visual environment throughout Burien.
  • Accommodating Burien’s share of expected countywide growth (both in new housing units and job creation).
  • Providing public facilities and services within the City’s financial resources.

Burien amends its Comprehensive Plan annually. Requests for amendments must be submitted to the Community Development Department by June 1. The list of amendments that will be considered is established by the City Council in July following a recommendation from the Planning Commission.

More info at the city’s Comprehensive Plan website here.