Local Bike & Pedestrian Counter Volunteers Needed For Census Study

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Local Bike & Pedestrian Counter Volunteers Needed For Census Study
September 27, 2011
September 29, 2011
September 14, 2011
Volunteer to count bikes & pedestrians in Burien
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Burien, WA, 98166, United States

Volunteers are needed between Tuesday, Sept. 27th and Thursday, Sept, 29th to help count bikes and pedestrians in Burien as part of a statewide census for the Washington State Department of Transportation.

“Bicycle and pedestrian usage of specific intersections in cities throughout the State will be counted and documented, similar to the National Documentation Project,” reads the WSDOT website.

If you’d like to help with the 2011 counts, email Brooks Stanfield: [email protected].

Here are more details from an email Brooks sent us:

Hey Friends-

I heard it said recently, “What gets counted, counts.”

Each September we have an opportunity to collect data on bicycle and pedestrian use of our roads here in Burien.  Our data is compiled by the state DOT and included in an annual report covering the whole state.  This data is really important in making a case for more state investment in safe streets.

Burien has had great participation over the last two years, and now it’s time to get organized for 2011.

What I’m looking for…. folks interested in counting bike and pedestrian users during one 2-hour shift.  Shifts are done between Tuesday Sept 27th and Thursday Sept 29th.

  • You can volunteer to complete shifts during either of two times: 7-9am and 4-6pm.
  • You can pick from one of 10 established stations around Burien (Map of Burien stations – more will be added if we have enough volunteers)
  • Once you have your shift assigned you can complete your shift on any of three days between 9/27 and  9/29.

It’s easy, it’s helpful, it’s interesting, and spending 2 hours quietly enjoying the scenes of your neighborhood during fall might be the most relaxing thing you do all month!

If you think you might be interested, please let me know.  The sooner the better.


For more information, check out the WSDOT Bike/Ped Documentation Project.