Original Councilmember Sally Nelson Will Not Run Again 1Sally Nelson, an original city councilmember since the city incorporated in 1993 announced that she will not run again for reelection.

In a statement, Nelson says she is “proud of the strong record of leadership she has provided at the local, regional and national level for advancing the many positive changes that have marked her service to Burien since she was first elected to position #7.”

She also said that she “remembers that the original interim city council met in a dingy, cold community center room for its first meetings and then moved to a rented space before acquiring the vacated bank building on SW 151st for its first official city hall.”

Councilmember Nelson is also “most proud of the positive transformation that has occurred in Burien in so many ways and in so many areas of the city. At the heart of the change is the new beautifully designed Town Center which she has championed from the beginning and has helped shepherd through years of complex challenges and seemingly endless barriers.”

Noting that “Burien has changed its main street from a dingy 4 lane highway cluttered with empty store fronts, broken sidewalks and dangerous crosswalks to a pedestrian friendly, vibrant downtown and that’s a remarkable achievement” she said.

Sally has supported new and improved parks, roads, sidewalks, art, the new transit center and numerous public safety improvements throughout the city. From the creation of the Skateboard Park to the funding for improvements to the First Avenue corridor, she has embraced positive change and encouraged broad participation of the citizens in helping shape the future of Burien.

She supports future funding for the Highline Historical Society building at the corner of SW 152nd and Ambaum saying it “would add a significant addition to our committeemen to the history of the region and make Burien a destination city adding interest and strengthening our economic base in a creative way.” The Burien Oriented Transit Center, incorporating housing and much needed parking in the downtown, is another project she has championed and is hopeful much needed funding will close the financial gap so the building can be constructed.

Sally Nelson served as the first Deputy Mayor, as Mayor from 2000-2001, and has been recognized at the regional, state and national levels.

Sally serves as a representative of the Suburban Cities Association at the Puget Sound Regional Council, was appointed by the Board of The Association of Washington Cities to serve this year on the Federal Legislative Subcommittee, was the Vice-Chair of the Equity and Opportunity Panel for the National League of Cities and is currently the Chair of the Public Safety Crime Prevention Steering Committee for the National League.

“I am grateful to the citizens for their continued support throughout the years. I have valued their creative energy, positive spirit and dedication to volunteering in so many amazing ways. What a difference those contributions make to the success of a city. I will always remember what a privilege and honor it has been to represent the wonderful City of Buren.”

More information on Sally Nelson is available at the city’s website.