Seattle's Stranger Takes On Lake Burien & The Art Of Land 3The Stranger’s Jen Graves recently wrote an article called “Just Across That Stand of Trees: Lake Burien, Posters, Hooch, Google Earth, and How to Make Art of Land” that takes on the controversy surrounding public access to our hidden gem of a (private) lake, as well as recent art-related goings-on in the B-Town and Sea-Town areas.

Here’s an excerpt:

A group of people calling themselves the Committee to Free Lake Burien has been trying for a few months to change that, because a piece of lakeside land is opening up and is zoned for a park, but with little success. This civic cause recently was taken up by an art project. On July 2, a group of artists and thinkers led by German city-philosopher Thomas Sieverts took a walking tour of Burien that culminated in Sieverts’s son Boris rallying for the cause of the lake.

How can Lake Burien access be an art project? Easily: Think of it as a line drawing, just one added to a real map—a proposed earthwork. The marks of people traipsing down to the waterfront would generate a spindly new design on the land and, more importantly, generate a new in-between social space connecting the hyperconstructed Olde Burien shopping area and the close-by but unseen wilderness (now privatized) of the lake.

Definitely worth a read…click here to check it out.