LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A Letter To The KCLS Board Re:Puget Sound Park 3KCLS Board of directors


Please cease any discussions with King County in regards to transferring any ownership or easement rights in Puget Sound Park prior to the annexation of the park area into the City of Burien.  The proposed action is akin to buying (Burien as buyer) a car (Puget Sound Park), having the dealer (King County) sell all four tires to a third party (KCLS) prior to delivery and offering the original buyer the price of one tire!  If not illegal, it is certainly morally bankrupt on the part of the dealer.  Any third party would also be morally if not legally culpable for taking possession of property that rightfully belongs to the original buyer.

The possibility of purchasing the rights offered by King County to the Puget Sound Park should be negotiated in an open manner with input from the affected communities.  With the upcoming vote on the Library levy lid, KCLS can ill afford to alienate voters in White Center, Boulevard Park and Burien.

Douglas and Maria Sykes

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