FOLLOWUP: Shooting Victim ‘In Good Condition’ According To Commenter

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As Burien’s most popular (and now award-winning) daily news source, we’re proud to say that we were all over the scene during Wednesday’s shooting incident, with numerous updates ranging from Mark Neuman’s photos taken at both crime scenes, to his exclusive audio interview with An Banh, who runs an auto repair shop kitty-corner from where the shooting took place.

Here’s a brief recap of the news as we reported (read the entire post, with updates, original photos and audio interview here):

The female victim was shot while sitting in her car at the intersection of SW 136th and Ambaum Blvd. SW.

Seriously injured, she apparently managed to drive herself (NOTE: there is new, conflicting information as to whether she actually drove herself or not; there may have been another person in the car) to the recently re-opened 7-11/Shell gas station at SW 146th and First Ave South. Medics took her from there to Harborview Medical Center, where she was listed in serious condition.

Ambaum was closed off for a while between SW 142nd and SW 136th as police scoured the area searching for the shooter, according to Neuman. It re-opened in both directions as of 2:30 p.m. No word yet on an official description, or if the suspect has been found.

Mark Neuman spoke with Burien Police Sgt. Henry McLauchlan at the scene, who told him that the suspect, a male, fired into the woman’s car, then fled. Some people may have caught ‘fleeting glimpses’ of the man as he left, according to McLauchlan.

It appears also that this is not a random shooting event.

One interesting Comment was posted Thursday (June 2) from a BTB Reader who used the nickname “Beerun,” claiming to be related to the victim and saying that she’s in “good condition” – we thought this was worth sharing:

The young lady who was shot is family to me. While we are not close, I do care for her and about her. As far as I recollect, she is absolutely one of the sweetest ladies around and certainly did not deserve this. I had NO idea she was living in such a god awful area. I would NEVER allow my adult children to live in that area. I would do whatever I had to do to make sure they were not living around that element.

She is in good condition and will make it. She was extraordinarily lucky. This should be a wake up call for everyone.

I hope the police catch the man responsible soon. Had he had a larger caliber weapon, she would be dead and he would be facing murder charges. I bet if he do 2 years, the community should feel lucky. There seems to be no consequence for open firing on a vehicle, so why not? Good luck in court bastard!

As always, we encourage our Readers to Comment on stories, email us news and story tips, photos and more – and we thank everyone for helping us with this story!

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19 Responses to “FOLLOWUP: Shooting Victim ‘In Good Condition’ According To Commenter”
  1. Get a clue burien city council says:


    I am curious if you have heard that the city council and city manager are attempting to annex white center. The rumor is they are trying to do it without public input under the radar.

    I mention it here because with this shooting and the shooting at wah long clearly burien has its hands full with what they currently have.

    And if the city annexes white center we will never see the police.

    Was curious if you could go to city hall and get a comment because this is happening.

  2. big Nate says:

    I’m pleased the young ladies condition is good and she will recover. With the abundance of eye witnesses, descriptions of the gunman and his escape route coupled with the likelyhood that it is not a random shooting, the police should have something to work with. So lets just allow the police to do their job and be patience.

  3. Get a clue burien city council says:

    And by the way if it does happen without public input the residents are going to be pissed. And rightfully so.

  4. big Nate says:

    Hey, Get a clue burien city council

    Before you get everybody angry at the city council and city manager, provide us with some facts beyond a rumor and opinion. Give some names of people who might have some knowledge of what you are talking about.

  5. Get a clue burien city council says:

    Can’t do that for a variety of reasons. Which is exactly why I am asking a member of the local media to break the story. Trust me it is being talked about right now. If you don’t believe me call Mike Martin tomorrow and ask him. I just think the community should have an opportunity to voice their concern because there is going to be a ton.

    And if I’m wrong and it is an unfounded rumor then I will apologize and shut up. But I am not going to have to because I know for a fact it is being discussed and the votes are there from the city council.

  6. Chris says:

    Umm, the notion of annexing the remaining unincorporated area of North Highline is exactly “new” news my friend. Keep in mind, that several annexation scenarios have been explored over the years (like for almost nine years now).

    One of the options was to annex all of the NHUA, however the agreement between Seattle and Burien had the area split, so that each respective city could move forward with an annexation. The MOU between the cities I believe is now expired, or will do so soon. With that, Burien is free to evaluate and decide if a second anexation is the right thing to do.

    I’m fairly dialed-in to the “goings on” with the City of Burien, and I do not get the impression that the city is trying to move forward with another annexation “under the radar.” It is not secret that Burien has broached the subject of doing a second annexation, but I think most on the council (and on staff) know that it would probably be a poor move at this point.

    So I would like to know if you have any concrete information on the “under the radar” actions that the city is taking with regards to annexation.

  7. Feral Dog says:

    Boy, This thread sure took a left turn.
    From the girls doing good to annexation,,Hmmm,
    A.D.D. in adults maybe? *lol*

  8. Get a clue burien city council says:

    All I asked was for Scott to go to city hall and get some of the officials on record as to if this is happening. The very big carrott the county and state is dangling is leading to the speculation.

    So the council has broached the subject? Like I said I just want someone in the media to ask the question.

  9. Get a clue burien city council says:

    Feral dog,

    I put it in this thread because if burien annexes white center updates on shooting victims is going to be a regular thing.

  10. Jack says:

    Why is there nothing more on this story from any of the news channels? Did they catch the shooter? Is he still running around with his gun looking for the next person to open fire on ?

  11. Feral Dog says:

    get a clue
    All 4 of them???? And not a one concerning the shooting victim? Okay..
    I for one am glad she`s going to be okay.

  12. Hotrodgal says:

    Oh Cool! A blog about trolls…
    “Get a clue burien city council”—maybe start a new
    discussion or contact Scott directly.

    I agree Jack; odd there has been no more details.

  13. MOjoe says:

    It is sad indeed to hear the story of the young lady who was shot and I hope she improves rapidly.
    I know of the people who were involved in the Wah Long Shooting. The story out is: The knife stabber dude was picking fights all night., including with his family.
    He found somebody after hours that would stand up to his bullshit and decked him.
    Stabber did what stabbers do. Stab five times a man on his birthday. So someone else got a gun and shot the asshole. Is’nt that what you do with assholes? Am I right or am I right. They went to Wah Long because it is known for BANANA GORILLAS (secret excelent drink – buy one get two) and because it is RELATIVELY safe.
    You are not one bit safer at Elliott Bay Brewhouse around the corner cause you pay more for a beer there (and I do mean alot!)
    So, No. I do not aggree that Burien is becoming more violent and that WC would take away police service if incorporated under the radar. Worry more that parking will go to FOUR DOLLARS an hour.

  14. big Nate says:

    Get a clue Burien City Council:

    It seems that you have a very strong interest in under radar efforts to annex White Center in to Burien. Did you you forget you made your committ on a article about a shooting. Annexation is another subject that you could either post your own article or use the FORUM section to express what is on your mind. I don’t want you to shut up I want to understand why this is so important to you, maybe it’s important to me as well. I will claim compassion for the young lady victim for you, since you have yet to speak about any feeling about the victim, after 4 chances.

  15. churchlady says:

    To the so called relative of the shooting victim who criticises our area, if a crazy bastard has it in their head that they want to shoot you, they probally will. The fact that your in Burien or Bellevue has nothing to do with it.
    If you dont like our” god awful area” then get the heck off our BTown Blog!

  16. Feral Dog says:

    That sort of thing NEVER happens here.. how many times do we that huh?

  17. Beerrun says:

    I did live in that area for several years and it has always been a bad place. That is why I busted my ass to get myself and my children out of the area.
    Yes what happened to her could happen anywhere, including where I live. What prompted the comment was in researching her story I came across several incidents of violence in Burien. It’s reading like the wild wild west over there.
    I’ve never heard of this blog before this research. I failed to read the rule that states people who don’t like Burien are not allowed to comment. Can you please point that out to me and I will be more than happy to oblige.

  18. Feral Dog says:

    Research “any” story deep enough and you can ALL kinds of random acts of violence
    no matter where it is, from Bellevue, Belltown.
    I noticed where you said you would NEVER allow your adult kids to live around that area where the Wah long is located and such but yet you can`t seem to stay away.
    I`m just wondering, why are you wasting time with this blog anyways, just to troll it or what?

  19. Beerrun says:

    My goodness a few people sure like to twist things and make things up as they go. I never mentioned Wah Long, never heard of the place until someone else mentioned it. I have no clue where it is or how close to where my family member was shot.
    As for me not being able to stay away, I have not stepped foot in that area in at least 8 years so I’m confused where you pulled that false fact from.
    Again, I agree there is violence everywhere. However, the commenters even here have brought up several incidents independent of this
    shooting and have mentioned how bad the area is. Why am I the only one who is being told to go away? Because I had the will and determination to get out of the area?
    I have never been accused of being a troll. I enjoy a dialogue where we can agree to disagree without it getting personal or me having to resort making up nonsense lies to support my position.
    I will admit and say it again, I would do whatever I had to do to not have my children live there. Let’s be honest here, if YOU had small children to raise and you had a choice, is Burien your first choice of locations?

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