Former Secretary Of Defense Donald Rumsfeld Eats At Osteria da Primo 1
Last Friday night, if you wondered what all the hubbub was going on around Burien Italian restaurant Osteria da Primo, we have the answer – former Secretary of Defense (he served that role twice, once under Gerald Ford and again under George W. Bush) Donald Rumsfeld ate dinner there.
It’s not often we get international political celebs dining in B-Town, and here’s more from Primo Proprietor Lindsay White:

On Friday evening we noticed that traffic was blocked outside of our business, Osteria da Primo located on the 600 block of 152nd SW.  We were too busy to investigate what at first glance seemed to be an undercover police car stopped in the middle of the road.  A man then got out of the car and we noticed he was not dressed in a police uniform at all, it became clear something else was going on.  One of our customers was outside waiting for a table and flagged me over, she said ” Something is going on out here, there must be someone important in that car for there to be a security detail.”  I thought nothing of it and went on my way, then another of our customers called me over and said, “Look, that is Donald Rumsfeld getting out of that car.”  Having grown up in Burien I was not prepared to see a politician of that level walking down the street, and I was even more surprised when he walked through the doors into our restaurant.  He joined another table that was waiting for him and enjoyed a quiet dinner at Osteria da Primo.
Apparently he was in Seattle on a book tour and ended up coming to Burien to join a friend for dinner at our restaurant.  Politics aside, it was quite an honor to have someone who so drastically changed the course of our nation’s history in our little corner of the world.
Lindsay White, Proprietor
Osteria da Primo
631 B SW 152nd Street
Burien WA 98166
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