Highline Public Schools is seeking public input on ideas on finding a solution for crowded and aging schools, with three open workshops set for Jan. 14, Jan. 16 and Jan. 28. “Exciting progress is happening in Highline Public Schools, and our student population is growing for the first time in over a decade,” reads an announcement. “This growth presents some challenges, and we need your input on a solution. We are now out of classroom space in our elementary schools and have no room for growth. Starting next year, the state is offering additional funding to lower class size for grades K-3. If we are unable to create classroom space, we may have to turn down as much as $2.2 million in state funding.” The three workshops are set for:

  • Tuesday, January 14 7-8:30 p.m. Highline High School
  • Thursday, January 16 7-8:30 p.m. Evergreen High School
  • Tuesday, January 28 7-8:30 p.m. Pacific Middle School
“In addition, you will have an opportunity to give input through our online survey,” the announcement reads. “You’ll find it on this page later this month.” Here’s more from the school district:
We also have a number of schools that are 50 to 90 years old and in need of major repairs or replacement. As the buildings age, repairs and maintenance are becoming more and more expensive, draining money away from the classroom. Aging infrastructure prevents us from installing current technology. We are projected to gain 2,100 additional students in the next 8 to 10 years. That’s equivalent to about 4 elementary schools or one middle school and one high school! We are working on a solution and want to get your feedback. We are considering a bond measure in 2014 to build new schools and repair old ones. We are also considering moving 6th grade to middle school to create more space in elementary schools. We are committed to ensuring every student has access to the education they need to succeed in life. That starts with providing them safe classrooms, equipped with the latest tools and technology. Please partner with us to meet this challenge.