Nick Cannon, an actor, comedian, rapper, entrepreneur, record producer, radio, and television personality, served as “Principal for the Day” at Burien’s Sylvester Middle School on Friday, March 14. Most recently, Cannon has been hosting the TV reality competition “America’s Got Talent.” He has been married to singer Mariah Carey since 2008, with whom he has twins. Here are some photos of the event, courtesy the Highline School District (click images to see larger versions/slideshow): 1098215_713634492003883_1739439523_n 1098215_713634488670550_1577295947_n 1978867_713634752003857_760191729_n 1098215_713634502003882_625249383_n 1098215_713634498670549_302517002_n 1098215_713634495337216_1770809867_n Here’s a Tweet Nick sent out: