On Thursday, March 20 the Highline Schools Foundation for Excellence hosted their 2014 Gold Star Award Bash. This annual event celebrates the outstanding Teachers, Volunteers, Alumni, Staff and Administrators of Highline Public Schools. A more formal presentation will be held at Highline Schools Foundation’s Gold Star Awards Breakfast on Friday, April 18, 2014 at Cedarbrook Lodge. This year’s winners were: Outstanding Alumnus

  • Ray Conner, The Boeing Company
Outstanding Volunteer
  • Cheryl Forbes
  • Linda Elmore
  • Fuki Masuzawa
  • Cherie Trondson
Outstanding Classified or Professional Staff
  • Linda Simpier
Outstanding Administrator
  • Karin Jones
Outstanding Teacher
  • Claire Waistell
The Highline Schools Foundation was established in 1999 with the purpose of providing community resources to help Highline Public Schools succeed. You can learn more by visiting the website. BTB photog Michael Brunk attended the Gold Star Award Bash and filmed and edited the following video capturing highlights from the night. Michael also shot the following photos. You can click individuals thumbnails to launch a larger version that will allow you to navigate through a slideshow of the images. [gallery ids="72220,72218,72217,72219,72221,72222,72223,72224,72225,72226,72227,72228,72229,72230,72231,72232,72233,72234,72235,72236,72237,72238,72239,72240,72241,72242"]]]>