A landslide in Seahurst Park has the City of Burien concerned enough to pay at least $24,000 to hire a geotechnical engineering firm to evaluate it for repair. While nowhere near as bad as the recent, tragic and fatal mudslide in Oso, the small Seahurst slide – which was discovered in March – is clearly threatening the sidewalk, road and underground utilities in the park: SeahurstSlide1 SeahurstSlide2 SeahurstSlide3

(Photos courtesy Burien Parks)

The erosion is happening between SW Seahurst Park Road and the creek, below the lower end of the upper parking lot. “The purpose of the geotechnical investigation is to obtain information necessary for developing potential mitigation options,” according to an announcement in the April 7 City Manager’s Report. “Once the report is complete and a design solution selected, the Administration will need to proceed with the necessary mitigation/slope stabilization in a timely manner.” The actual cost of full design, permits, and construction is expected to be more; however, these costs are unknown at this time. A budget amendment ordinance will be presented to the Burien City Council at a later time. Here’s the April 2 memo from Parks Director Michael Lafreniere to Interim City Manager Craig Knutson (click image to see larger version): SeahurstLandslideLetter]]>