This week, the Growth Management Hearing Board dismissed an appeal to the City of Burien’s Shoreline Master Program, filed by a neighborhood group in Lake Burien. “The Board dismissed the appeal in its entirety and upheld the Shoreline Master Program as adopted by the City and the Dept. of Ecology,” the city said in a statement. This means that the SMP that was approved by the state Department of Ecology last October will stand. The claim was filed by the Lake Burien Neighborhood group, and Robert Howell, Robbie Howell, Chestine Edgar, Len Boscarine and Linda Plein. According to documents:

“Petitioners challenged provisions of the City’s public participation process leading up to adoption of the Ordinance, and provisions of the Ordinance relating to, inter alia, zoning density and buffers on the shoreline of Lake Burien for inconsistency with GMA, failure to use best available science, and failure to insure ‘no net loss’ of ecological functions. “The Board determined that Petitioners’ issues were in part a collateral attack on the City’s previously adopted zoning and critical areas ordinance; issues which were dismissed as untimely. The petitioners failed to meet their burden of proof on the remaining issues, and the case was dismissed.”
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