PeterGrotzFire14 Peter Grotz, 15, points to the burned railing of a condo near the Seahurst Post Office that he helped extinguish. Photo courtesy Gary Grotz.[/caption] Peter Grotz, a 15-year old member of local Boy Scout Troop #375, was riding in his father Gary’s car near the Seahurst Post Office on Sunday afternoon, June 29. At the corner of 22nd Ave SW and SW 152nd, they noticed that a second story condominium’s railing and part of the floor of the outside deck was ablaze. A woman was on the deck standing near the fire, and there were some onlookers nearby. Peter asked his father if they should stop. They did. A bystander said she had called the fire department. On the outside of the building was a hose attached to a faucet. Peter helped man the hose and faucet such that the fire could be extinguished before the fire department arrived. A “good turn daily” indeed…well done Peter! Boy Scout Troop #375 meets at St. Francis, located just about a block to the east of this building.]]>