14708006604_1549feca83_kPhotos courtesy Burien Parks. Click images to see larger versions.

REMINDER: Burien’s Seahurst Park will re-open at 8 a.m. this coming Monday, Aug. 25, allowing park visitors the chance to enjoy the new playground, picnic facilities and the restored beach before the summer ends.
“Visitors will notice that access onto the beach has been greatly enhanced, as a designed by-product of restoring the beach slopes and materials,” the city said. “The restored shoreline has also been the site of a variety of wildlife including bald eagles, osprey, great blue heron and other shorebirds, being drawn in by schools of fish along the shallows.”
The city adds:

“As visitors will also notice, there will be some landscaping work being completed during the week, focusing on the last of the plantings around the lower parking lot. Associated with the landscaping activity, we anticipate some ongoing replanting of materials that are not of suitable health, as well as much planting in the fall of beach grasses in the non-irrigated areas. We ask that park visitors avoid any fenced-off areas of new plantings to allow time for good establishment. Most importantly, we hope that park visitors will enjoy the new park and the recent changes.”

Seahurst Park is located at 1600 SW Seahurst Drive; for more info visit http://www.burienwa.gov/index.aspx?nid=471 or call (206) 988-3700.]]>