AnnexParkMeth Photo of meth found on a wanted man at Annex Park courtesy Burien Police Department.[/caption] Burien Police arrest man with warrant at Annex Park, find drugs, stolen mail 1The Burien Police Department announced on their Facebook page Thursday (Sept. 4) that they’ve made another arrest at the Annex Park, where homeless people have been encamped for months. Police say that Wednesday afternoon (Sept. 3), Detective Easterbrook recognized an adult male who was hanging out at the skate park. Easterbrook knew him from previous encounters, checked his name in their computer system, and found that he had a theft warrant with a $15,000 bail amount. Easterbrook and other officers were able to place him into custody. A small amount of meth was found on the man, as well as some stolen mail. “Parks are a welcome place for those who obey laws and aren’t wanted fugitives,” police said. “We will not tolerate drugs in our parks. Thanks to all of the officers who have been patrolling the area and addressing community concerns in a lawful and respectful manner.” The previous arrest at the park was last week, when Officer Philbrick was walking through it like he does most every day. He found an adult female drinking alcohol. She also had a DUI warrant for her arrest and was taken to jail. “We always strive to find the ‘perfect’ balance between visibility, enforcement, and protecting and respecting everyone’s individual rights,” police added. “Thanks for your patience and understanding. Thanks Officer Philbrick and Detective Easterbrook for doing a great job!”]]>