The Burien Police Department reported that they recently arrested a man suspected of stealing 154 keys from a local car dealer. Here’s more from their Facebook post:

We’ve had an increase in our commercial burglaries in downtown Burien the last two months. As a result, our nightshift officers have been doing lots of focused patrols of our businesses. Very early on Friday morning, Officer Hennessy contacted a man sitting in the parking lot of a car dealership. While he and Officer Hennessy were chatting it up, the officer noticed a large amount of keys laying on the ground next to the man. It turns out the man (okay I can now call him a suspect) had just entered the dealership and stole 154 car keys from the office. The suspect confessed to entering the business and stealing the keys, and was promptly taken to jail for his crime. Way to go Officer Hennessy! And thanks to the other officers who have been patrolling Burien businesses late at night and early in the morning.