The Burien Police Department announced on its Facebook page on Wednesday (Oct. 22) that, due to last Sunday morning’s shooting on SW 152nd Street near Mick Kelly’s Irish Pub (we were first to report it here), the bar will be making a “complete format change on Saturday nights.” The pub, which has recently been the cause of numerous complaints, will close early this Saturday night, then, starting next weekend, “everyone is invited to come enjoy a new and improved Mick Kelly’s!” The usual Saturday night DJ will be cut, according to an employee we spoke with over the phone. What other changes will be made is unknown, but stay tuned to the blog for more information… Here’s the full announcement:

Joint Announcement from Burien PD and Mick Kelly’s Irish Pub: Burien PD and the owner of Mick Kelly’s Irish Pub have been working closely to ensure its patrons and neighbors safety for many weeks. No one wants Burien residents to be affected by raucous or dangerous behavior. Mick Kelly’s is pleased to announce a complete format change on Saturday nights. It’s Mick Kelly’s desire to cater to area residents who wish to enjoy a good meal, beverage, and company in their own neighborhood. To facilitate this format change, we will be closing early on Saturday night this weekend. Next weekend, everyone is invited to come enjoy a new and improved Mick Kelly’s! Burien PD is committed to ensuring the safety of patrons and residents and will be working closely with the owner of Mick Kelly’s to support their efforts. We all agree a zero tolerance approach is needed for anyone choosing to engage in inappropriate or illegal activity either inside or outside of any drinking establishment. Over-service, minors in bars, excessive noise, and DUI will not be tolerated. We are very pleased to work with Mick Kelly’s on these issues, and their willingness to be the first establishment to work so closely with us towards these goals. Burien PD has assigned resources to patrol downtown bars and will be enforcing appropriate state and city laws.