We first shared BTB Reader Mary Hudson’s photos on Nov. 9 of a two-point buck deer that she spotted in Burien’s Seahurst neighborhood, and now comes new photos courtesy the Burien Police Department of what appears to be the same creature, seen over the weekend near 136th and 1st Ave South:

UPDATE 11/17/14 1:45 p.m.: We contacted the Washington State Department of Fish & Wildlife, who said:
“The Department of Fish and Wildlife does not normally respond to remove deer from urban areas. It is completely normal for a deer to be in a residential area and will normally find a safe place to go to live the rest of their life.”
We also checked in with Burien Police Capt. Bryan Howard, who said:
“The officers watched the deer until it disappeared in the bushes. There was no evidence to suggest the deer was sick or injured and no reason to call WSDFW. Even in an urban city, we have wooded areas that are home to wildlife. That’s a good thing! If the deer does anything that’s aggressive (unlikely) or exhibits signs it is unable to care for itself, we would call WSDFW.”
After we first posted Mary’s photos, some Readers shared skepticism that there was actually a deer in B-Town. One even went so far as to mock our coverage, posting this poorly-Photoshopped pic of an elephant walking in the street near Burien Town Square: [caption id="attachment_79507" align="aligncenter" width="490"]10644407_985371621489243_4465488075759067521_n A Reader who was skeptical of our Nov. 9 deer photos posted this on his Facebook page, along with the caption: “Did anyone spot this elephant on the streets of Burien?”[/caption] We of course double-checked with Mary, who sent us another photo: photo-43 “No, I’ve asked around and no one recalls any reports of deer,” Burien Parks Director Michael Lafreniere told The B-Town Blog. “Foxes, seals, coyotes, etc. Even a pig that floated up on the beach one time, not to mention our whale. Could be the deer is roaming the Westside neighborhoods.” Here are Mary’s first photos of the deer, taken in the Seahurst neighborhood: PHOTOS: Burien Police confirms it – a wild Deer is roaming around Burien! 1 PHOTOS: Burien Police confirms it – a wild Deer is roaming around Burien! 2]]>