IMG_1860 A makeshift memorial marks the spot where Peter Vandervelde was killed by a DUI driver in Burien on Nov. 21. Photo by Scott Schaefer.[/caption] by Jack Mayne A Pittsburg man has been charged with vehicular homicide after striking another car on Ambaum Blvd. last Nov. 21, according to court documents obtained by The B-Town Blog. Daniel R. Hanlon, 26, of Pittsburgh, remains in the King County Jail in lieu of $200,000 bail. Killed in the crash was Peter Allan Vandervelde, 51. The accident happened just after 5 p.m. on Friday evening (Nov. 21) on Ambaum Blvd. SW at SW 154th Street, Burien Police said at the time. The crash happened in front of – and into – the “log cabin” on Ambaum near Ronnie’s Market. One car struck the building, which has been known to host “A New Beginning” 12-Step meetings. Details of crash Charging papers filed four days after the fatal crash say that Hanlon told police he “had a couple of drinks” at the Space Needle before driving to a bar in Burien “where he drank at least four more drinks. He also admitted that he drank a bottle of liquor that was in his car.” Then prosecutors allege that “just before 5 p.m., he was driving in the Burien area and side-swiped a car stopped in a left-turn lane. He accelerated away from that collision. The victim-driver followed him and came upon his crashed car two blocks away.” Prosecutors say Hanlon had been “speeding at/near highway speeds on the 35 mph road” when he crashed into the passenger side of a car turning onto the road. “The force of the collision crushed the entire side of the victim’s car into half the driver’s seat area and spun the car in to a building.” The driver, alone in the car, was identified as Peter Allan Vandervelde, 51, who “suffered catastrophic injuries and died moments later.” Police at the scene said they noted “several signs that the defendant was intoxicated” and that Hanlon admitted “how impaired he was.” Police had blood drawn to test “for impairing substances” before Hanlon was given medical treatment for his injuries. In addition, the charging papers said “a foil pouch with loose pills was found” presumably in Hanlon’s car but the charging papers do not specific the location where they were found. Hanlon has no known local ties and it is “unclear why he was in King County,” the charging papers say. “His employment, residence, and family are all in Pittsburgh. He does not appear to have any felony criminal history.” Victim longtime resident An obituary in the Tacoma News tribune says Peter Alan Vandervelde was raised on Fox Island, in the first graduating class of Gig Harbor High School, and a long-time resident of Burien. He was active in the field of environmental remediation and served on the board of directors for his family’s water purification business.]]>