On Tuesday morning (Feb. 23), Burien Police were called to Highline United Methodist Church when the pastor arrived at work to find someone inside. Police say that a thorough search of the large church located no damage and nothing missing, other than about $5 worth of chocolate candy from the kitchen. “The confection filcher fled before being apprehended by deputies,” Sgt. B.J. Myers said. When Pastor Kathleen O’Connor first opened the door to the church, she saw a shadow inside and heard footsteps. O’Connor knew no one else should be there so she called out, “Hello, who’s there?” O’Conner heard running footsteps and a banging sound. She then exited the church, locked the door and called 911. Deputies responded and searched the building, but the candy culprit had managed an escape. It is unknown whether satisfaction of the suspect’s sweet tooth was the only motive. There is no suspect profile, other than any person who has ever tasted and enjoyed delicious chocolate – so pretty much everyone who is alive is a suspect! Highline United Methodist Church is located at 13015 1st Avenue South.]]>