B_W4hWEWAAE2YxF.jpg-large B_W4ecsU8AAApoy.jpg-large B_Wz9pyU8AAmhXO.jpg-large The Seattle Police Department is reporting that hundreds of suspected stolen items from robberies in Seattle ended up discovered inside a Burien home in the 12000 block of First Ave South Thursday morning, March 5. SPD’s Major Crimes Task Force has been on the trail of a ring of burglars, suspected of targeting homes in North Seattle, Queen Anne and Magnolia. Their hunt lead them to Burien Thursday morning around 7 a.m., when SPD SWAT served a warrant at the home, where police found “a ton of stolen stuff,” according to Major Crimes Task Force Captain Eric Sano. Police arrested two people inside the home for warrants, and are now investigating and sorting through evidence. Police believe some items found inside the homes may have been taken in unreported break-ins.]]>