SeahurstBeachCleanup15-2 Over 200 pounds of trash was collected throughout Seahurst Park on Friday, Feb. 20, with help from folks at the Environmental Science Center (ESC), the City of Burien, AVID students from Highline High School, Puget Soundkeeper Alliance, and the WA Conservation Corps. All together there were seven bags of trash, four of which consisted entirely of recyclables. Some of the more bizarre findings included:

  • a laptop battery charger
  • several pairs of shoes
  • a soiled diaper
Seahurst Park is home to the largest beach restoration project in Puget Sound, and it is ESC’s dream to see this significant achievement serve as a catalyst for future shoreline restoration projects. Seahurst Beach is an amazing biological community of “super habitats” that come together to support a rich variety of fish and wildlife. “By reconnecting and strengthening these diverse communities we ensure a positive future for them and ourselves,” reads an announcement. “By embracing this message that diversity makes us stronger, ESC is striving to engage and empower our young leaders in the Burien community. No matter where they come from or where their interests lie (biology, engineering, math, or the arts) these young minds will have the opportunity to take an active role in the stewardship of Seahurst. Let’s welcome with open arms the fun and wonder of self exploration, and work together to protect this beautiful place so many call home.” SeahurstBeachCleanup15-4 SeahurstBeachCleanup15-3
“These [AVID] students were generous with their time, and willing to learn and question and wonder about what we were doing, and the place we did it in. They in turn, teach us.”

-Larry Reymann ESC Board President

Join Puget Soundkeeper Alliance Soundkeeper’s mission is to protect and preserve the waters of Puget Sound by monitoring, cleaning up, and preventing pollutants from entering its waters. Since 1984 PSKA has relied heavily on volunteers to achieve this goal. With weekly boat and kayak patrols, water quality monitoring, marine debris cleanups, and other exciting opportunities PSKA has a job for you! For more details contact Stewardship Coordinator, Kathryn Davis: [email protected]. For more information, visit]]>