P3302772-b P3302777-b P3302778-b P3302788-b P3312794-b P3302783-b P3312797-b Story & Photos by Sterling Paris South King Media Intern So I come in for work today (Tuesday, March 31) and before I can even put my purse down Scott asks frantically “Didn’t you get my text?!” then quickly gives me an assignment and address and pushes me back out the door. So I follow the GPS to a blocked-off road on 1st Ave South, just a block or two away from Evergreen High School (near S. 114th) – there was an apartment fire! I was hesitant to go across the DETOUR sign and police car blocking the road. I asked a man who passed me if it was alright to go any further, and he said he just came from that direction. So I followed him. On the way walking, he told me what had supposedly happened (I have no idea if it is true or not, so dont take my word for it); he said that inside one of the apartments, something caught on fire. The woman inside called 911, then apparently passed out? Then fire trucks and paramedics came, and they gave her CPR before I came. When I arrived the fire was out and there was no CPR taking place, and apparently there were a lot more fire trucks before. The fire fighters were packing up their big hoses. Sadly, there was one very critical victim from the fire, and Battalion Chief Doug Luedeman told us that they were not sure of her current condition. First breaking news story for me…whoah! Until next time, (and thank you so much for reading) – Sterling Paris

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