Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 12.39.51 PM Screenshot of the City of Burien’s new Film Office web page.[/caption] The City of Burien this week created a new Film Office, with its mission stated as “supporting and promoting Burien’s local film industry by connecting filmmakers with information and raising the profile of film in Burien.” On the website, filmmakers can learn about some films shot in Burien, view clips and trailers, see what resources are available, and links to forms for permits required to film here. The idea for the film office and website came out of conversations between local filmmakers (including BTB Editor Scott Schaefer), along with Economic Development Manager Dan Trimble, whose office created and launched it. Management Intern Andrew Desmond created the web page. “Whether you have a steadfast plan or just an idea, we encourage you to reach out to the City,” a statement reads. “This office is committed to helping prospective filmmakers find the information they need to start filming at City locations.” The website also has information on educational courses related to film, at the Puget Sound Skills Center and Highline College. And on Wednesday night, April 1, the first-ever Burien Film Festival was held, with many filmmakers and city staff in attendance! Organizers are already preparing for the second iteration – stay tuned to the blog for details… Permit information:

  • Permits in Burien are needed in 2 situations:
    • If the filming is expected to block the public right-of-way, a Right-of-Way (ROW) use permit will be required.  ROW use permits are administered by the Public Works Department and more information can be found at
    • If the filming will exceed a total of 2 days per calendar year, it may require a Temporary Use Permit.  Temporary Use Permits are administered by the Community Development Department and more information can be found at
    • If you have questions regarding these permits, please call Burien’s Community Development Department, (206) 248-5510.