Two charged with alcohol/drug use near City Hall by Burien Police Wednesday

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Burien Police say they charged two for drinking alcohol and/or buying/selling drugs near City Hall (400 SW 152nd Street) on Wednesday, May 20.

Trespass warnings were also issued to the two suspects.

“Officers are paying close attention to any criminal activity throughout the city, with a special focus on areas in which we receive complaints from residents,” they said. “One of those locations is the City Hall building and adjacent park and sidewalks.”

Police report that they contacted an adult who was observed drinking alcohol in public. This person was carrying a partial six pack in one hand and sipping out of an open can. When officers made contact, they discovered the suspect was only 20 years old and issued a citation, as well as a 7-day trespass warning from City Hall and Town Square Park.

A short time later, officers observed a different suspect acting suspiciously and it appeared this person was either buying or selling drugs. Officers contacted the suspect and recovered a small amount of crystal methamphetamine. The suspect will be charged with felony possession of drugs and was also given a 7-day trespass warning barring them from City Hall and Town Square Park.

“It’s important that your city parks and other city property is a welcome and inviting place for everyone,” police added. “Burien PD officers will always focus on inappropriate behavior and educate violators on our expectations in order for them to enjoy the use of public property in a safe and legal manner. If you see illegal activity taking place, please call us!”

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7 Responses to “Two charged with alcohol/drug use near City Hall by Burien Police Wednesday”
  1. John Farrar says:

    “…city property…” (Not to be confused with “public property”)
    Owned by the corporation of CITY OF BURIEN/

    That is a credit report for the company at Dun & Bradstreet, a CRA for companies.

    This is why a “crime” can happen without an injured party, i.e. “corpus delicti”.

  2. Question Authority says:

    Tin foil lined hat award goes to you.

    • John Farrar says:

      Fraud lies hid in general expressions- (Fraus latet in generalibus)
      And ad hominem attacks don’t address the issue whatsoever. They’re emotionally based.

  3. John Farrar says:

    Yep, I don’t “Like” either …

  4. Good job says:

    How about saying “good job Burien police”…. It’s got to start somewhere!

  5. KateBB says:

    Wow! 7-day trespass warning. That’ll scare the be-jesus out of ’em!

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