Police use Tactical Team to talk burglar out of Burien church Thursday 1The King County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that on Thursday (Sept. 10), they were called to a church at about 11:15 a.m. near the 12400 block of Des Moines Memorial Drive (map below). Police say that a person reported seeing an unauthorized male enter the church via a fire escape. A woman who was inside the church could also hear the suspect. She was later rescued by police by ladder via a window. Deputies responded, and later a TAC team and negotiators also arrived. We received a few reports from Readers (thanks!) about major police activity in the area, and here are some photos submitted by Joseph Gomez, who added:

“I first noticed activity as I was traveling south on Des Moines Memorial Drive. When I saw 6 police, they didn’t seem to be engaged so I drove around the block, and that’s when I found this scene. The officer said it was a dangerous situation but offered no info.”
20150910_122157b 20150910_122206b “We surrounded the church and were able to get the woman out via a window and ladder,” Sgt. Stan Seo told The B-Town Blog. Negotiators were able to get the male to surrender, and he was arrested and booked for burglary. Police did not give any information on what the burglar was looking for (Salvation? Chocolate?). ]]>