Burien Parks announced this week that large rocks have been placed along the main entrance road at Seahurst Park in response to “multiple occurrences of vehicles hopping the curb and running through the entrance bollards and chains, in efforts to get into or out of the park during closed hours.” 12105851_10153300778568931_1607864179463359235_n 12122847_10153300778698931_1327801651868327563_n 12080167_10153300778498931_24268179815589799_o “The rocks were acquired as surplus from the Southwest Suburban Sewer District, and delivered and placed with the assistance of Burien’s Public Works Department,” reads an announcement. “Using this approach, this collaboration between Burien Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services, Burien Public Works and SWSSD saved approximately $10,000 over the cost of a set of installed traffic bollards.” According to the city’s website, operating hours at Seahurst Park are from 8 a.m. until Dusk daily. Closing times are posted at entrance. Facilities (i.e. bathrooms) are opened at 8AM and closed at posted times. Restrooms may be closed during winter months.]]>