10750066_391490977667294_2745002972011402684_o [caption id="attachment_91930" align="alignleft" width="174"]KirkNordenstrom15 Kirk Nordenstrom[/caption] Local, first-time film Director (but longtime film Editor) Kirk Nordenstrom’s new film “The Perfect Pieces” will have its Seattle premiere at the Seattle Shorts Festival, to be held Nov. 14-15 at the SIFF Film Center. Kirk has managed the 48-Hour Film Project in Seattle since 2005, so it’s maybe no surprise that he took on his first directorial project for another timed competition called the Four Points Film Project. The film stars local Actors Angela DiMarco and David S. Hogan (seen below). Hogan may be familiar to some of our Readers, as he portrayed FBI Special Agent Mitchell in the award-winning local short “The Maury Island Incident.” 10477559_390683007748091_6043512496971747276_o South Park’s Gevin Booth – known for his “The Burien Exchange” in the inaugural Burien Film Festival – Produced and also served as Assistant Director. “The film production was a dream come true,” Kirk said. “And I’m ready to take on my next directing project!” Here’s a clip from the film: PerfectPieces_sample from kirk nordenstrom on Vimeo.]]>