One of the highlights of Burien’s Three Tree Point neighborhood is centered at the residence of Greg and Rhonda Dill, who go all out every year for both Halloween and the 4th of July. Kids of all ages find delight – and fright – in their awesome decorations, and this year’s Halloween theme is “Creepy Carnival,” so if you suffer at all from ‘Coulrophobia’ (fear of clowns) you may want to close down your browser window before it’s too late (NOTE: The B-Town Blog will not take responsibility for any nightmares caused by this post). Past years have seen crashed UFOs, weird aliens and assorted other bizarre, fun and funny decorations. Resident Elston Hill documented the 2015 version of the Dill’s October masterpiece with these great photos featuring his wife Jackline and daughter Elena (click images to see larger versions/slideshow): aOctober_0237 aOctober_0212 aOctober_0161 aElena_0011 aOctober_0227-2 aOctober_0232 aOctober_0239 aOctober_0250]]>