Remember ‘Molly’? She’s a dog that has been missing in the Burien area since Sept. 28 (read our original post here). She went missing after jumping out of a car at the Coronado Apartments in White Center on Sept 28. Well, we’ve got GREAT NEWS – Molly has been found! Mollyhome-1 Mollyhome-2 Mollyhome-3 Here’s a very happy update from her owners Jim and Donna McKenna:

On Friday the 30th of October there were three sightings of Molly on 138th St. SW between 4th Ave. SW and 8th Ave. SW. We walked around the area in the rain till midnight looking for her. But not getting any sign of her. Saturday morning we were back in the area before nine and searching for Molly. Around 9:30 a.m. we parked on the east side of 4th Ave, on 138th St. and waited for Molly to appear. She did! At 9:42 Molly came out from behind a house and onto the street looking for food. She ran from us, but came back slowly as we called her. Molly was dirty, and covered in fleas. But after 34 days on her own Molly is back home! Molly is skin and bones! We took her to the Vet and she said Molly’s pads were worn, but she was in good shape for being out on her own that long. We searched for Molly almost every day for 34 days. We walked the neighborhoods, talked to people, put up flyers. We kept looking! And we want to thank all the people that helped us with advice, looking for Molly, and calling with sightings. We couldn’t have found Molly without you. We never gave up hope! I can’t thank you enough! You got her picture and her story out, and your wonderful readers led us to Molly. Thank all of your readers for looking, and caring. And for leading us to MOLLY!