City of Burien wants YOU to take a survey to help new branding initiative 1
The City of Burien is asking residents and business owners to take part in a new survey, as part of its new Burien Branding Initiative.
As we previously reported, the city is spending up to $149,300 with a Tacoma-based agency called JayRay to create a new “brand” for the city, as a way to “define itself, grow community pride, and expand the economy.”
The agency is currently conducting initial surveys to get a “feel” for the community, with the goal of rolling out a comprehensive brand story with creative messaging, a marketing plan and an implementation plan for Burien by mid-summer 2016.
Some of the questions in one of the surveys include:

  • When you think of Burien, what three words first come to mind?
  • In your mind, what makes Burien unique?
  • How would you describe Burien to others?
  • In your free time, what are your favorite activities and/or places to visit in Burien?

Here’s more from the city:

“We want to hear from you!
You’ve chosen to call Burien home for your business, your family, or possibly both. You have every reason to want to see the city succeed. Please help us uncover what makes our city unique. Burien’s brand will support economic development initiatives and help determine a common vision for our future, allowing the community’s champions (that’s you!) to tell Burien’s story in a compelling way.”

You can find more info about the surveys at]]>