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LETTER: Former 1st Mayor of Burien has advice for the new City Council 1As the former First Mayor of the newly incorporated City of Burien from 1992 to 1998, I have deliberately stayed away from the dynamics and workings of the Burien City Councils, since these elected officials know their respective responsibilities to represent the citizens/residents of Burien as Leaders, Policy Makers, & Bonafide Representatives.
However, based on some recent serious concerns, observations, and remarks from a few neighbors, residents, and colleagues in Burien, I have decided to respond in light of current Divisiveness and Dysfunctional nature of Burien City Council that I believe, is NOT in the best interest of all Burien citizens including my family and me, as follows:

  1. Leadership does NOT mean power, prestige, and personal gratification. On the contrary, the basic responsibility of all the elected part-time Burien City Councilmembers is to serve the community as part of their dedicated Public Service obligation irrespective of who is selected the Mayor and Deputy Mayor from within the 7-member Council;
  2. The citizens and residents of Burien expect the City Council to deliver on their promises, consistent with the Vision and Priorities established, in partnership with the City Manager and his/her staff and the Community-at-Large;
  3. We all must dedicate ourselves to preserve and grow positively as a Mature and Established City of nearly 25 years, not only in terms of visibility and respect by others but also as a lasting pride that we all share/feel together;
  4. The most effective way to govern locally, I believe, is to adhere and practice FIVE (5) simple principles – Communicate, Cooperate, Coordinate, Compromise, and Callout (Act/Deliver) as a Council/Manager team;
  5. It is the obligation and responsibility of all the elected and appointed City Officials to leave a Sustainable Legacy for our children and grandchildren, in terms of Community Vision & Priorities and NOT Personal Ambitions or Power

I hope this is helpful. Thanks.
Cheers and Greetings,
Dr. Arun Jhaveri
Former Burien Mayor

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