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A rendering by Architect David Clark of the new Highline Heritage Museum was released this week.
The museum will be located on the corner of Ambaum Blvd. SW and SW 152nd Street in Olde Burien, and will serve the communities of Burien, SeaTac, Normandy Park and White Center.
The new 6900 square foot museum will be located on prime property owned by the Highline Historical Society, in an area that teems with pedestrian and shopping activity. Drivers who are stopped at the traffic signal will be able to see into the shopping area of the building and notice several windows of changing exhibits.
“We are creating a ‘green museum,'” organizers said. “Just as a museum preserves our history and the curator’s team carefully tends papers and artifacts, the new museum will set standards of environmental stewardship by using earth friendly materials, a solar roof, energy efficient glass, water efficient features and LED lighting.”
Here’s more info from the Highline Historical Society:

Do you know that Highline is the largest geographical area in Washington State
The 32-square miles of communities known as “Highline” house a growing population of 160,000 people.
Within Highline’s borders are the vibrant cities of Burien, Des Moines, Normandy Park, SeaTac, and unincorporated White Center.
This region represents cultures as diverse as any in the State of Washington. Many Highline citizens are minorities; some that have been in the region for many years, as well as new immigrant populations.
Highline’s heritage is multi-faceted. It sparkles with stories of people who sh its shores, farm its elds, carve its roads, build its towns, form its businesses, work its industries, sing in its places of worship, a end its schools, and give birth to new genera ons. Through the lens of Highline’s heritage, we nd ourselves in images, role models, and experiences that lend insight into our present lives and inform how we view the future.
Whether we are nine, nineteen or ninety- ve, this sense of belonging has the power to inspire. This holds true for residents of Highline’s unique neighborhoods, employees commu ng to area businesses, or tourists just spending a few hours in town between ights at Sea-Tac.
It is time to celebrate the heritage of the people of Highline. The Society understands that for the individuals of Highline, heritage is personal. It’s about you and the many gifts passed on to you by your family, your culture and your community. It’s what we do with our heritage that makes history and builds a stronger community.
By working together, we can create our Highline, our Heritage and our Museum – a collective gift to the people of our region.

The new museum is expected to open in late 2016.
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