Burien residents were out in force at the Democratic Caucuses Saturday morning (March 26), and here are some pics. First, at Seahurst Elementary, Maureen Hoffmann took these photos (click images to see larger versions): M.Hoffmann-Democratic Caucus 032616-1 M.Hoffmann-Democratic Caucus 032616-2 Here’s Maureen’s caucus report:

Precinct 34-1192 (Upper Maplewild, parts of Seahurst…) Votes and Delegate Results:
  • Sanders 35 votes, yielding 3 delegates
  • Clinton 18 votes, yielding 2 delegates
(They will later tally ALL of the votes from the caucus. The above votes are just from my precinct.) People started gathering at 9:00. The caucus started at 10:00. We were leaving by 11:30.
And Denise Vandenbroek was at Precinct Bur 34-0025 – where Olde Burien voted 43 to 10 for Bernie: 20160326_112327_resized 20160326_100510_resized 20160326_101827_resized 20160326_102514_resized 20160326_105345_resized 20160326_103509_resized]]>