13048160_739556152850379_3281194323336744411_o 13055004_739556206183707_8488374448145321679_o Early Tuesday morning (April 19) at around 1 a.m., Burien Police Officer Blakeman contacted a man riding a bicycle at SW 128 Street and Ambaum. Police say that the man was acting suspicious as he peddled through the parking lot of several businesses and reacted very strangely when he saw the officer. He was also not wearing a bicycle helmet. The officer stopped him and the man left his bike and tried to walk away from the officer. The officer tried to stop him, and that’s when things turned physical. The man tried to run away but the officer caught him. As the officer was trying to subdue him, the man pulled a handgun from his waistband. “Fortunately, the officer was able to force the man to the ground,” police said. “The man (okay we can call him a suspect now) continued to grasp the handgun but the officer was able to pin the suspect’s hand on the ground. The suspect continued to resist arrest and only after the officer drew his own weapon, did the suspect drop the handgun. Once other officers arrived, they were able to handcuff him.” Police say that the gun was loaded and the suspect had spare pistol magazines in his backpack. It turns out the gun was also stolen and the suspect is prohibited by a domestic violence protection order from even possessing a handgun. Officers found 10 credits cards in different names in the suspect’s possession, some of which were stolen. “Your officers make contacts like this every day…it’s our job,” police added. “Fortunately, this contact ended safely and the officer went home in one piece…that’s also our job. Good work Officer Blakeman!”]]>