Early Thursday afternoon, two area residents let their four Olde English Bulldog puppies outside to do their potty business at their home in the North Hill area in DesMoines. Unfortunately, two strange men happened along, saw the pups, asked to hold them – then took off with two of them! Dog owner Madi Stumpf said that the two men – one African American, around 30 years old, along with a Hispanic man about the same age – were first seen “throwing something into our yard at our dogs so my boyfriend went out to check on the situation and the two men acted interested in buying one of the puppies.” “So, my boyfriend spoke with them for about 5 minutes, maybe longer,” Madi added. “That is when they asked to hold a pup, which obviously was a mistake because once they had the 2 puppies in their hands they immediately took off, running down the street.” Madi called the Des Moines Police (case #16-1063), then searched the neighborhood for hours, talking to people on the street to see if anyone saw them. “All our looking led to nothing, and we lost two of our beloved puppies,” she said. This one with the all white face is a boy called Achilles: image1 This one with the half white, half fawn face is a girl called Clio: image2 If anyone sees these dogs, please contact Madi at [email protected] or call 206-653-5686. ]]>