A water rescue occurred off the shores the Normandy Park Cove on Saturday night, July 9. Authorities say that a 12-foot aluminum boat with no motor and two occupants capsized while crabbing, knocking them into the cold waters of Puget Sound. Neighbors on paddle boards hit the water and accessed the patients, who were both brought to shore safely. “A lot of things went well on this call,” Burien/Normandy Park Fire Chief Mike Marrs told The B-Town Blog. “Boat 28 had a quick response to Three Tree Point to launch, and we had one FF/Rescue. A swimmer deployed and swam out to where the paddle boarders had picked up the boaters.” It is unknown what caused the boat to capsize. Also, officials said that only one life vest was found in the boat, which was towed to the Des Moines Marina by South King Fire & Rescue’s Marine 67. Units from local fire departments E29, Boat 28, A28, Marine67 were dispatched, along with South King Fire & Rescue.