By Scott Schaefer Burien resident Tammy Martin-Tauiliili recently created a new way for locals to go out and explore their city, by walking, searching, creating, hiding, finding and collecting individually-created works of art. No, she has nothing to do with that new fad game called ‘Pokémon Go.’ She created something much more tangible and interesting – “Burien Rocks” – a new group that encourages folks to paint, then hide (and/or find) rocks around B-Town. That’s right – instead of staring blankly into your smartphone and bumbling into objects, now you can create rocks, and/or walk around looking in, around and near places to find actual painted beauties like these: BurienRocks1 BurienRocksSamples BurienRocksCityHall BurienRocksCU1 BurienRocksKids1 “I’m starting this page as a fun & free way to bring our community together!” Tammy said on the group’s Facebook page. “All ages are encouraged to join in on the fun…Families, teens, single adults, grand-parents, etc! Paint rocks & hide them around town in well known places such as businesses, parks, library, etc…then post a pic & clue of where it can be found! Once you find the rock, post that it was found & re-hide the rock or keep the rock if it brings you joy!” Tammy told The B-Town Blog that she’s not sure where the first “Rocks” group started, but she discovered these groups through her hometown of Shelton (Shelton Rocks). “I thought starting a Burien Rocks group would be an awesome way to bring something fun and positive to our community,” she added. “My husband and I are raising our 7 children here in Burien and I want to do my part to bring positive changes. Burien Rocks is entertaining for all ages, a fun way to explore our community, show your creativity and best of all…it’s FREE!” Tammy said that the only rules are:

  • Paint rocks (fun designs, positive words, etc.)
  • Hide them around town
  • Post a clue of where it can be found!
“Once found, the person can re-hide it, or if it really catches their eye and brings them joy…take it home!” Tammy adds:
“I’m hoping local businesses would like to get involved as well. What I have observed in other towns is local businesses hiding their own rocks, and when someone finds it, they can turn it in for a discounted or free service/item. Great marketing for LOCAL business!”
To learn more, join the Burien Rocks group on Facebook here:]]>