By Jack Mayne

After an executive session at the end of a nearly four hour study session, the Burien City Council voted 4-3 Monday night (Sept. 26) to have the city attorney prepare a “separation agreement” for City Manager Kamuron Gurol, effective next week.

No reason was given and no discussion of the firing was made in public.

Still another ‘executive session’
There was some indication of another potential personnel action at the very beginning of the monthly Council study session Monday night (Sept. 26).

Mayor Lucy Krakowiak asked to add an executive session to the agenda.

Councilmember Steve Armstrong said an executive session was unnecessary, then the Council voted 4-3 to hold one to “discuss the performance of a public official” at the end of the meeting.< Such sessions are permissible by law, and the last such series of special sessions concluded with Dan Trimble, Burien’s economic development manager for many years, leaving the city staff Sept. 19 after a series of executive City Council meetings behind closed doors, and the Council approval of a “separation agreement,” the details of which were not revealed to the city electorate. The ax fell
After the executive session, Mayor Krakowiak moved “to initiate a separation agreement for the City Manager, Kamuron Gurol and request his resignation by Oct. 6, 2016. I ask the city attorney to prepare this agreement.”

The motion was seconded by Deputy Mayor Bob Edgar.

There was no discussion of the motion and the Council voted 4–3 to fire Gurol.

Those voting to terminate Gurol were Mayor Krakowiak, Deputy Mayor Edgar, and Councilmembers Lauren Berkowitz, and Nancy Tosta.

Opposing the ouster of Gurol were Councilmembers Steve Armstrong, Debi Wagner and Austin Bell. Wagner commented she was “very opposed” to the effective firing.

Without further comment, the Council adjourned
Earlier the B-Town Blog was made aware of management evaluations circulated to Councilmembers that had poor marks for Gurol’s performance by those who voted for his “separation” and higher marks by his supporters.

Hired in 2014
The B-Town Blog reported in March 2014 that Gurol had been hired by a unanimous 7-0 vote effective April 16, 2014.

He was at the time the assistant city manager and community development director for the City of Sammamish.
He previously has been a corridor planning manager for the Washington State Department of Transportation’s Urban Planning Office, director of the Kitsap County Department of Community Development, and manager of the Snohomish County Planning Division. Gurol began his work in growth management and environmental and natural resource planning with King County. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in geology from the University of Washington and a Master of Public Administration degree from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.
Gurol’s starting pay in 2014 was $155,000.]]>