Metropolitan King County Councilmember Dave Upthegrove – who represents this area – released the following statement on the President’s “unconstitutional” Executive Actions effectively banning immigration based on religious identity on Monday, Jan. 30:

“I was proud to join thousands of my friends and neighbors at Sea-Tac Airport in the heart of my district on Saturday night to support those who had been unlawfully detained. This executive order was done in the name of public safety, but it makes us less safe, disrespects traditional American values, and reeks of religious bigotry and race-baiting.

“Americans have a long history of standing up for people from all religious backgrounds. When people face injustice and stay silent, I believe that it is the same as being complicit.

“I am proud to speak out against what I believe to be discriminatory and unconstitutional.”

Passed earlier Monday afternoon, the Council’s action condemns President Trump’s actions as discriminatory, unconstitutional, and contrary to the county’s adopted principles and laws the Council has sworn to uphold.