FAA continues to stonewall group over increased Burien airplane noise 1By Jack Mayne A recent meeting with the Federal Aviation Administration regional office in Renton was a bust, and it is time for serious legal action to stop the recently increased noise from planes taking off from Sea-Tac Airport. The Quiet Skies Coalition in a newsletter to its members Tuesday evening said that a Jan. 24 meeting with the FAA regional office in Renton “was very unproductive.” “We came fully prepared and hoping that our questions and concerns would be openly addressed,” the group’s President Larry Cripe wrote. “However, the FAA chose to simply re-read what they had already sent us on December 16, 2016 with vague and incomplete responses.” So the time has come to hire professionals for the job, he said. “… We strongly believe it is time for us to hire a project coordinator to manage the daily activities as we move forward.” He said Quiet Skies is writing a job description for a coordinator but it will cost money. “We will need your financial support to make this happen.” City of Burien involved The Burien City Council on Jan. 23 voted to approve up to $70,000 for a legal battle against the FAA. “We are very grateful to the six Councilmembers for their support,” Cripe said in his newsletter. The lone negative vote was from Councilmember Bob Edgar who said he was concerned about what “the final monetary impact would be to the city.” Then Burien City Attorney Lisa Marshall said she had made it clear to the FAA that the city was serious and that if the agency “did not ‘cease and desist by February 10, 2017 and if the FAA did not commit to conduct a full environmental review,’” then the Burien and Quiet Skies Coalition would sue the FAA. “Over the past six months, your Quiet Skies Coalition committee has been working on your behalf to get us to this point,” Cripe wrote in his newsletter. “We will continue to work with the City to protect our interests.” Cripe said the Quiet Skies website, quietskiescoalition.net, continues to expand.

“We encourage you to visit it regularly for updated information. You can now also donate directly and securely through the website. Our Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/QSCBurien. For additional fundraising, we intend to form a “GoFundMe” page in the near future.”