'I'm Homeless because...' 1 By James Adam Lamb Special to South King Media I’m homeless because I blew my credit. I don’t have any money, and I can’t seem to keep a job. My first week at University in 1983 I was a passenger in a car that ran a stop sign and drove under a semi truck’s trailer. I smashed my head and wounded my body as I was ejected from the car. Again in 1986 another semi-truck hit me head-on while I was doing 60 mph on the Interstate. My body is broken, my recall doesn’t work well and I have facial recognition blindness, my knees are shot and my spine is damaged. After working the best I could for all these years I decided to apply for Social Security Disability in January of 2015. In May of 2017 I received a letter from Social Security denying my application. During the application process I am not allowed to have an income or it automatically cancels my application. I live in my van now. I receive $194.00 in Food Stamps (about $6.00 per day for food, and I’m not allowed to purchase anything that is already hot). I also receive $197.00 in cash from the DSHS for the Aged, Blind and Disabled program. (As long as I see a Psychiatrist). I’m alone. I’ve never married. The least expensive apartment I found is a no bedroom apartment for $800 a month, plus electric. I don’t qualify. I never applied for any assistance in my life until I applied for Social Security… The homeless crisis here is appalling. I’m Christian, Born Again and Baptized in the Baptist Church. The facts are that the only assistance of any value in King County goes to Families, not Single men. Why? Why does only twenty percent of the World’s population have indoor plumbing? Greed… in my opinion. The facts are that I don’t have any money… I don’t have any credit available to me. I don’t have an income… I’m Homeless because I decided that my body couldn’t work at a job anymore. I’m homeless because Social Security has taken twenty-eight months to make a disability decision and decided to deny my claim. I am considering appealing the decision, I was told it would take another year! There are homeless people living in all parts of this County as well as all parts of this Country. I’ll quote the lady at Transform Burien:

“I’m not paying anybody $15.00 an hour to flip hamburgers!”
Atlas Shrugged
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