The King County Medical Examiner’s Office identified the victim of the June 13 officer involved shooting in Burien as Tommy Le, 20, and revealed that he was armed with a pen, not a knife as originally reported.

The King County Sheriff’s Office originally said that witnesses claimed Le was armed with a knife, and that he was shouting that he was ‘The Creator’ during the tragic incident.

Two tasers were ineffective in stopping him, and he was shot and killed by a Deputy as he advanced on police.

Police received multiple calls regarding shots being fired in the 13600 Blk of 3rd Ave S. in Burien, and when they arrived on the scene multiple witnesses told them that the suspect was armed with a knife, and that he had confronted at least two people in the area before they arrived.

A resident fired a “warning shot into the ground” to try to get the suspect to stop coming at him with what was described as a knife, police said.

The suspect left the area before police arrived, but came back after they were on scene.

“When the suspect returned to the area the residents pointed the suspect out and deputies attempted to contact him,” Sgt. Cindi West told The B-Town Blog. “According to multiple witnesses the suspect charged at the deputies with something in his hand and would not obey their commands. A deputy fired a taser at the suspect as he charged at them. The taser was ineffective so another deputy fired his taser which was also ineffective. We know at least one of the tasers struck the suspect.”

The Seattle Weekly identified the deputy who fired the fatal shots as Cesar Molina. He is currently on administrative leave, as is standard procedure.

West adds:

“As the suspect continued advancing on the deputies one of the deputies fired his gun and struck the suspect three times. Later we determined the suspect was holding a pen.”

The deputy has attended the 40-hour Crisis Intervention Training.

One Comment left by someone who claimed to know Le on our original story said:

“Reading some of these comments hurts my heart. While every news report and post repeatedly refers to the deceased as “Man” the sad truth is that this was a barerly 19 year old, kind, caring, compassionate kid that had a smile and spirit that could light up the darkest of spaces. I will choose to remember him for the amazing person he was DAILY rather than the one night of drug induced poor choices that ended his life. Rest in peace sweet boy.”