The Burien City Council will hold its next regular meeting this coming Monday night, July 17, starting at 7 p.m. at City Hall.

This meeting will likely mark the first public appearance of new City Manager Brian Wilson, who has been on the job since July 10.

Here’s what’s on the agenda (download PDF here):


a. Discussion of and Potential Action to Approve Proposed Resolution 393 Regarding an Amendment to the Employee Medical Benefit Package.

b. Presentation and Potential Approval of the Lake Burien School Memorial Park Site Plan.

c. Update on Parks, Recreation & Open Space (PROS) Plan.

d. Update on Economic Development.

e. Review of Council Proposed Agenda Schedule.


a. Follow-Up on 4th of July Fireworks. The Burien Police Department will provide a report at the meeting.

b. Potential Special Meeting for the Purpose of Considering a Resolution Regarding the Initiative Petition to Repeal Burien’s “Sanctuary City” Ordinance 651. The City Attorney will provide a report at the meeting.