Council will continue discussion on 'sanctuary' petition at Monday's meeting 3At Monday night’s (Aug. 7) regular meeting, the Burien City Council will continue its discussion – and possibly take action on – whether to repeal the ‘sanctuary city’ Ordinance 651, or put it on the Nov. 7 ballot.

The last special session on July 31 (read our coverage here) ended with an active motion still on the table. Will this next meeting be as unusual as the last, when police had to clear disruptors out of council chambers before letting visitors back in? How many sudden recesses or filibusters will there be? (perhaps this could be a new drinking game…?)

Also, new City Manager Brian Wilson will give his first City Manager’s Report (and no, he won’t sing it…).

Here’s what’s on the agenda (download the PDF here):

a. Proclamation Honoring Former State Senator King Lysen, who passed away Mar. 15, 2017.

a. Motion to Adopt Resolution No. 395 Pursuant to RCW 35.17.260 Calling an Election to be Held in Conjunction with the November General Election for Submission of a Proposed Initiative Ordinance to a Vote of the People and Instructing the City Clerk Regarding Presentation and Publication.

b. *Motion to Appoint Pro and Con Committee Members to Draft Pro and Con Statements Regarding Burien Initiative No. 1 to Repeal Ordinance No. 651.

c. Discussion and Potential Action on Options for Future Participation in the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program.

d. Continued Discussion on Possible Solutions to Housing Instability.

e. Discussion on Source of Income Discrimination Protection.

f. Continued Discussion on City Council Meeting Guidelines.

g. Review of Council Proposed Agenda Schedule.

* Council will consider Business Agenda Item 8 “b” only if Resolution No. 395 passed.

a. Emerging Issues: Peter Western Bridge Update.

b. City Manager’s Report.